PT DAHANA (Persero) and PT HARIFF DAYA TUNGGAL ENGINEERING collaborated in the manufacture of Counter Tank Weapons (CTW). CTW is currently undergoing dynamic tests to determine the mileage and stability of the rocket when it is launched. The test was held on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at the Cipatat Infantry Education Center, Bandung, West Java.


In the early stages, the CTW to be manufactured will be made is a training CTW which is used for training purposes. In the future, this CTW will be equipped with warheads for use a weapon for defense.


“The dynamic (flight) test of the rocket is expected to reach a distance of 300 meters. However, for now we have reached 600 meters, so it’s just a matter of alternating the shooting angle,” said Suhendra Yusuf RPN, Director of Technology & Development of PT DAHANA (Persero).


On the battlefield, the tank is a lethal weapon that is often used to open the path of infantry troops, owing to its maneuverability and armor protection that confuses the enemy. However, that doesn’t mean that tanks can’t be defeated. To fight tanks, Indonesia builds Counter Tank Weapon (CTW)


DAHANA won the trust of the Research and Development Center for Infantry Weapons (PUSSENIF) as the budget owner and user of the CTW. The rocket which is made domestically is expected to have an effective range of 300-400 meters and can be reloaded several times on the launcher. The launcher is a part of development of the CTW.


“It is our hope that this rocket launch can at least be straight and stable, so that next year certification can be carried out. If it passes, we will proceed to mass production,” continued Mr Yusuf.


The CTW is a small and light version of the weapon allowing it to be fired by one personnel using an over-the-shoulder launcher, and that  is why it is called a ‘hip gun’. The CTW is developed as an effort to complement the needs of the Indonesian military’s Main Weapon System (Alutsista) in addition to other products. The existence of CTW will also strengthen the national defense system.


Up to the present time, as a state-owned company engaged in the explosives industry, DAHANA has produced various military needs such as the R-Han 450 Rocket, R-Han 122 B, Bomb P-Series Live, and various other products. This is in support of Indonesia to be more independent in the defense industry and consequently reduces dependence on imports for more increase of income for the country.