In observance of National Heroes Day in 2021, PT DAHANA (Persero) again provided charity to the Veterans Legion of the Republic of Indonesia (LVRI) in Cibogo District, Subang Regency. The handover was carried out symbolically at Taman Canda, Subang, 10 November 2021.


A total of 6 representatives of 14 veterans received charity directly from the Dahana’s Director of Finance, Risk Management and Human Resources, Ahyanizzaman. This year’s event was held with a friendly family concept, under a grove of trees in the Taman Canda area.


Mr Ahyanizzaman said that the charity event with veterans would continue to become the company’s annual tradition to commemorate the services of heroes, as well as increase the sense of patriotism of DAHANA’s people to implement heroic values ​​both at work and in daily life.


“By means of this event, it is our hope that we can recall and appreciate the services of the heroes who have defended the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. The assistance we have given is nothing compared to what the heroes have sacrificed in fighting for the independence that we are currently enjoying,” said Mr Ahyanizzaman.


Abah Utja, one of the attending veterans, appreciated the state-owned company engaged in the explosives industry, because every year DAHANA always remembers veterans by providing assistance. In addition to Hero’s Day, DAHANA also provides assistance at other occasions.


“We would like to thank DAHANA for its attention to the veteran legion, hopefully DAHANA can become a progressive and successful company,” said Abah Utja.


PT DAHANA (Persero) is a state-owned company engaged in the strategic industry and has contributed to the creation of defense products, such as the Rhan 122b rocket and its launcher, and the P Series Bomb for Indonesian Air Force fighter aircrafts.