PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Unit (SER) held a pentahelix action which involved the Subang Regency Penitentiary, Subang Regional Government, Pasundan Express Media Company, academics and the Subang Regency CSR Forum chaired by PT DAHANA, by providing business facilities to ex-convicts . The handover ceremony was held on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, at the DPMPTSP Office which was the location for the delivery of aid, in Subang, West Java.

The chairman of DAHANA’s SER, Eman Suherman, said that the pentahelix action which supplies business facilities is a form of DAHANA’s concern for ex-convicts to make sure they can live normally and not return to their old ways. Apart from that, the action serves as a step for the company to collaborate in order to help improve the Subang people’s economy.

“Under the spirit of implementation of the core values ​​of AKHLAK, the pentahelix collaborative work  is ​​a strategic step for the company to work hand-in-hand to respond to the needs of the community. DAHANA is committed to becoming an advanced company with the community,” said Mr Suherman.

During the pentahelix action activity, DAHANA supplied business facilities in the form of a business package for starting up shops that sell smoothies and cold drinks, repair of shop roof as supporting equipment and supplies to Rizki Febiari, a resident of Karang Anyar Subang village.

The pentahelix activity which is intended to help prisoners return to the community has also been carried out by DAHANA in collaboration with the Subang Regency Government, Class II A Correctional Institutions in Subang, Sutaatmadja School of Economics, and Pasundan Express with the program entitled “Empowerment of Correctional Assisted Citizens”.

Mr Suherman added that DAHANA SER in 2022 will focus its work on supporting activities for education, the environment, and people’s economic improvement by developing Micro and Small Enterprises. In the last few months,  DAHANA SER has distributed aids by means of various programs.

“Hopefully this assistance can be optimally benefitted well by the recipient, allowing him to be more enthusiastic about living life like other people and succeeding in his business. We also hope that this pentahelix collaboration can run smoothly, and increase the economic value of the community, especially the residents of Subang Regency,” concluded Mr Suherman.