PT DAHANA (Persero) collaborated with Subang State Vocational High School 2 for training of hydroponic farming for the community and students in the area around the company. The event which was opened by acting Corporate Secretary of PT DAHANA (Persero) Bayu Anggoro on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at the Dahana Nursery Unit.


During his speech, Bayu Anggoro told all training participants about the big advantage of potentials hydroponic farming techniques. Apart from the fact that such farming does not require a large area of ​​land like conventional farming, hydroponic farming also has a higher potential economic value than conventional agricultural products.


“It is our hope after this training, the community can start cultivating vegetables using hydroponic techniques and in the future Sadawarna Village can become the first hydroponic village in Subang and a pioneering village for other villages in Subang Regency,” said Bayu.


Meanwhile, Eman Suherman, the Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) program conveyed that the collaboration between DAHANA and Subang State Vocational High School 2  is a manifestation of the implementation of the SOE’s moral values, particularly the cultural value of collaboration in order to help advance the quality of human resources in the environment around the company.


“We, TJSL team collaborate with Subang State Vocational High School 2. We have one of the teachers of the school, Mrs. Eti Rohayati, who will be the instructor for hydroponic farming training this time,” said Eman.


Eman continued that the technical training is divided into two sessions. The first session covers basic materials in the classroom, followed by the second session with hands-on practice starting from seeding, transferring seeds into the planting medium, plant care, to practice the harvesting process.


Rohimat, one of the participants who has been in the agriculture for more than 10 years, said that he got many benefits and new knowledge from the training organized by DAHANA this time. He said that vegetable farming using hydroponic techniques can minimize agricultural space land and improve the quality of the vegetables produces.


“Thanks to DAHANA, I hope that such training can continue in the future to encourage more people’s interest in starting their own farming,” concluded Rohimat. (rmt)