In support the millennial, the President Director of PT DAHANA Wildan Widarman, invited the millennials who work at the Subang Headquarters for the CEO & Millennial Sharing Session held in the Class Room of DAHANA’s Training Building, Subang on Friday, January 21, 2022.


With sharing session he theme “We Hear Your Ideas”, Mr Widarman conveyed his alignment with the millennial generation to continue to advance and develop with the company. Under reliable Human Resources such as the Millennial generation, he is optimistic that the company’s future will also advance.


“DAHANA’s millennial force is the next generation of company leadership, with various innovations that responds the company’s problems.  I am optimistic that DAHANA’s future will be brighter,” said Mr  Widarman.


PT DAHANA is an explosives company with considerable concern in provision of space for the millennial to progress and develop within the company. This DAHANA millennial generation is part of the Alena Forum (DAHANA’s Millennial Generation). Through the Alena Forum, the millennials regularly hold Millennial Talks to share ideas and innovations for the advancement of the millennial generation and for the Company.


The Company’s support for the millennial generation was welcomed by a young DAHANA employee, Adella Acqha Vico Addina. Miss Addina said that through the CEO & Millennials forum, DAHANA’s millennials can directly share knowledge about the company’s current condition and future plans.


“It’s a good opportunity to share directly with the President Director of DAHANA as in this occasion we can ask directly about the current condition of the company. Hopefully this opportunity will not only be offered one time, but can be given continuously with other directors,” said Miss Addina.