BANDUNG – PT DAHANA attended the exhibition held as part of the Seminar “The 1st Indonesia Minerals Mining Industry Conference-Expo 2022” under the theme of Critical and Strategic Minerals to Support the National Industry. This event was organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources from 29 to 30 November 2022 at The Trans Luxury Hotel in Bandung, West Java.

The event which was opened by the Chairman of Commission VII Indonesia’s House of Representatives was carried out in the framework of optimizing and collaborating between stakeholders to build, strengthen and develop superior and competitive mineral-based national industrial products.

DAHANA welcomed this event. According to GM General Mining Division 2, Abdul Haris Atbaro, the event which gathered mineral industry stakeholders throughout Indonesia can be a venue for promotion and demonstration of DAHANA’s capabilities which so far have provided the best service in the mineral industry sector.

“Owing to its with total explosives solution services, and a wealth of experience, DAHANA is ready to help increase exploitation in the critical mineral sector such as gold, copper, tin, bauxite to nickel,” said Mr Atbaro.

In the era of energy transition towards New and Renewable Energy (EBT), critical mineral commodities have a very high and strategic value, both as raw materials for the solar panel manufacturing industry, wind turbines and the batteries that industry used for electric vehicles and storage for New Renewable Energy (EBT) generators.

As a mecca for Indonesian explosives, which has the most complete explosives facilities in the ASEAN region, DAHANA has produced reliable explosives. Various products from DAHANA have come as solution for mineral mining with complex and diverse rock structures.

Another advantage is the fact that DAHANA offers its complete facilities for critical mineral miners under the name Total Explosives Solution which is claimed to increase the effectiveness and work efficiency of critical mineral mining companies. While downstream, Dahana is ready to increase and produce added value for strategic natural resources for the interests of national defence and security as well as the independence of Indonesia’s defence equipment system.

During the exhibition, exhibitors were able to directly consult with General Mining Division 2 General Manager Abdul Haris Atbaro and General Mining Division 1 Operations Senior Manager Teja Sukmara at the DAHANA booth located at Convention 2 of The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung.


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