CIANJUR – After sending humanitarian aid on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, DAHANA again delivered aid to the Cianjur earthquake casualties on Saturday, November 26, 2022. This time the aid originated from DAHANA’s employee solidarity donations for the Cianjur earthquake casualties which were collected from the first day the earthquake occurred.

Employee elements in DAHANA collaborated to raise donations, starting from the Dahana Worker’s Union (Sejadah), the millennial community that is part of Youth Explosives (Yes), Dahana’s Biker Community (Kombi) and Dahana’sAl Akhdar Mosque Council. The aid this time came in the form of emergency supplies such as tarpaulins, cleaning supplies, blankets, and basic necessities. Apart delivery of the supplies through SOEs Task Force Post located at the Perhutani Cianjur Office, aid was also handed over directly to Dahana employees who were affected by the Cianjur earthquake.

“Hopefully the aid and support provided by DAHANA will help ease the burden of the casualties of the Cianjur earthquake,” explained Eman Suherman, a representative of the Dahana Workers’ Union.

Mr Suherman also described the condition of the casualties’ houses as were badly damaged, and therefore temporary housing facility was required. You can see the collapsed roofs, and almost partly collapsed walls that leave the people with worse risks. Therefore, DAHANA adjusted the aid to the urgent needs of the earthquake casualties.

The aid was welcomed by one of the employee’s families, Irma, whose house was affected by the earthquake. According to Irma, the aid from DAHANA was very useful, especially the tents, tarpaulins, blankets and cleaning equipment. Irma has not been able to return to her house due to fact that her house has been heavily damaged.

“Thank you to DAHANA for the assistance to our family. This aid means a lot as it is impossible for us to return to our house because of the heavy damage to the house. Hopefully DAHANA’s employees who have given the donation will be blessed with more fortune, and DAHANA will be more advanced in the future,” said Irma.

Mr Suherman added that the aid is an application of the values ​​contained in AKHLAK’s core values, namely Harmony and Collaboration. Apart from that, this also proves that SOEs are there for Indonesia.


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