PT DAHANA (Persero) is entrusted by PT PPA to perform blasting in a site belonging to PT Adimitra Baratama Nusantara (ABN), Sanga-Sanga, Kutai Kertanegara. The first blasting process was conducted in the evening on January 9, 2019. In 2014, the same activity of blasting has also been carried out with Petrosea in this ABN project.

The first blasting was attended by KTT and Staffs of PT. ABN, Employees & Management & Staffs of PT. PPA for ABN site project, some of PERTAMINA Sanga-Sanga’s employees, public figures from Ring 1 (Muara Kembang village, Muara Jawa), local Muspida, Community Empowerment Institutions (LPMs) in Sanga-Sanga, Indonesian National Army (TNI), Head of Sector Police and some members of Sanga-Sanga Sector Police, RTs (Rukun Tetangga/Neighborhood Association) from Ring 1 of ABN Mining, and some residents from Ring 1 Sanga-Sanga who live in the vicinity of ABN mining pit.

Prior to the First Blast, DAHANA’s employees did the P5M routine to ensure the process from charging to blasting in accordance with the procedures (SOP), collective praying, and holding coordination meeting with PT. ABN and PT. PPA in order to have smooth First Blast.

Additionally, to ensure the safety and security of the workers, equipment, and environment, the well-trained mine workers performed evacuation of unit and people who were still in the location or nearby the blasting site to clear all zones and be ready for the blast.

The state-owned company in charge of explosives production also received appreciation from PPA & PT. ABN for its capability to provide the best service.

“PPA gave a very appreciative response toward the performance, starting from preparation, permit support, to the blasting activity, resulting in good blasting result with no vibration effect, sounds that affect the surroundings outside the mine/non-technical sound, and no sign of negative issues from the nearby community,” said Deni Nasar Siddiq, Superintendent Jsp of PPA ABN Sanga-Sanga. (YQ)