Eman Suherman, Head of PT Dahana (Persero) Social and Environmental Responsibility welcomed a visit of PT Len Industri (Persero)’s General Manager Donny Gunawan at the Dahana Management Head Offices  in Subang, West Java, Thursday (1/4/2021). The visit was carried out as a form of consolidation and collaboration among SOE’s Social and Environmental Responsibility functions within the defense industry cluster.


Donny Gunawan, General Manager of PT Len Industri (Persero)’s Social and Environmental Responsibility function hoped that this visit to DAHANA could strengthen collaboration among SOEs defense industry members to advance and develop together with the communities around the operational areas of each company.


“Actually, we have made some online communications with DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility team, however such meetings are not optimal. This is the reason why we from LEN tour each of SOE’s defense industry members to discuss more issues to achieve the targets of the Social and Environmental Responsibility program of each company, “said Donny.


As one of the BUMN companies in the Defense Industry Cluster, DAHANA has the mandate to implement Creating Shared Value (CSV) concept. DAHANA keeps stopped developing all of its efforts to develop not only the company, but also the Indonesian people, particularly those of the Subang community.


DAHANA continues to improve the company’s reputation through community development and environmental quality improvement in a sustainable manner. This is expected to be able to create a harmonious relationship between stakeholders in view of implementation of Social and Environmental Responsibility program.


“DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility is a sustainable program. In health sector, we have undertaken a stunting eradication program in Sadawarna Village, Subang. In nature conservation, we have developed a community biogas production program within the cattle farm cluster. DAHANA’s social community part runs an economic empowerment program and procurement of clean water facilities for the community,” explained Eman Suherman, Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility.