PT DAHANA (Persero) again won an award from the Public Relations Indonesian Awards (PRIA) 2021, this time the Bronze Award Winner fore the category of Profile Video sub-category of SOEs. The event was broadcast live through  PR Indonesia Youtube channel on Wednesday afternoon, March 31, 2021.


DAHANA, being a state-owned company engaged in the explosives industry also ranked as one of the winners in PRIA 2021. DAHANA’s Public Relations program has been engaged in both the PR program and the Social and Environmental Responsibility program to work in collaboration with other parties within the community to fight Covid-19.


“This award is something that is very encouraging. It is an encouragement to produce and create even better communication products,” said Juli Jajuli, DAHANA’s Public Relations Manager.


Meanwhile, according to Asmono Wikan, Founder and CEO of PR Indonesia Group, even in pandemic conditions, PR Indonesia has shown solidarity and collaboration in strengthening and uniting the nation’s citizen to fight against the prolonged pandemic. Amidst such condition, PR practitioners managed to come up with many creative programs even with out-of-the-box ideas.


Under the theme of “Communication Binds the Nation”,  PRIA 2021 received 599 entries from  124 participants representing 124 corporations and government agencies. All participants competed for 11 categories contested by PR Indonesia Group.


“This is somehow an extraordinary achievement. In fact, during this year-long pandemic, we received so many PR programs and activities from PRIA participants with relevant creativities  that were far beyond what we initially expected,” said Wikan.


Wikan also conveyed that the theme of ‘Communication Binds the Nation’ is a very strong message to convey to the public. It is through the power of communication that all elements of the nation’s citizens can work hand in hand to fight for Indonesia to quickly get out of the pandemic. Despite the fact that the struggle has not been easy, with harmonious communication, it is possible for all elements of the nation’s power to stay united in successfully fighting the pandemic.


According to Wikan, this competition is a measure of progress in Public Relations.  Public Relations is seen as increasingly strategic. PR is a very important element for management or organizations not only to communicate, but to put nation elements, organizational elements, and corporate elements together in order to help improve corporations, organizations, and the nation even in challenging situations.


The judging process for PRIA 2021 was carried out from February 16 to March 4, 2021. The judging was performed by dozens of judges originating from professionals, academics, media activists and Indonesian PR practitioners. The judges employed a variety of scientific assessment methods to ensure optimum and valid judging outcome.