PT DAHANA (Persero) management held a Technical Guidance sessions in preparation for the recertification of the Security Management System (SMS). The event, which was held on 14-18 June 2021 at Dahana Campus, was given in collaboration with the presenters of the Technical Guidance Division of the Directorate for Security of Vital Objects of Sabhara Corps of the Indonesian National Police Security Maintenance Agency.


According to DAHANA’s Deputy Security Manager, Iwan Irawan, this technical guidance event is the first step in the process of recertifying the Security Management System at DAHANA.


”This SMS recertification process consists of three stages, namely technical guidance, audit, and verification by DAHANA Board of Directors and Indonesian Police,” said Iwan Irawan.


Iwan pointed out that the this technical guidance was intended to establish the company’s preparation with regards to implementation of SMS after which the audit process is carried out to refine the findings of the technical guidance. The audit results will then be verified to establish its accuracy.


Meanwhile, Police Grand Commissioner Budi Karyono, S.H. as the Head of the Technical Guidance Team said that during the five-day technical guidance session, DAHANA’s team could consult about the readiness needed for the audit process later.


“I hope that upon completion of this SMS recertification process, DAHANA will get a Gold SMS certificate,” Budi hoped.


DAHANA’s determination in creating and implementing this security system was rewarded with the achievement of a Silver Security Management System (SMS) Certificate  by the National Police in 2018. Next, DAHANA aims for a Gold Certificate which proves that the Company is a vital national object that implements a standardized security system.