DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) is again innovating by manufacturing new explosives that are highly reliable for blasting for underground mining and tunnelling. The Bulk Emulsion Underground Explosives Underground comes in the brand name of DabexUG. This was stated by Acting Vice President of EMC DAHANA Dadan Munawar during the Mining Indonesia 2023 exhibition, in Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, on Friday, 15 September 2023.

Mr Munawar explained that DabexUG is a water-resistant emulsion-based bulk explosive that can be used in hot hole conditions up to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius (*under certain conditions and special handling). This explosive product is designed to produce high energy and is easy to apply in underground mining and tunnelling. DabexUG can be applied to both horizontal blast holes (development heading) and vertical blast holes (production up hole stopping) up to 50m.

“DabexUG has been used in several project sites owned by DAHANA. This explosive has proven to be very reliable, both for underground mining and tunnelling. “With DabexUG, DAHANA is increasingly confident in expanding the market in underground mining and tunnelling,” said Mr Munawar.

Mr Munawar added that DabexUG offers various advantages such as high initiation energy, tunnel advance delivering, controlled perimeters blasting, optimum fragmentation, overbreak & underbreak minimizing, reduce scaling, and optimum blasting efficiency. In practice, DabexUG has been formulated for use in both hot and watery blast holes. DabexUG can provide significant benefits and added value technically, operationally and economically.

In November 2022, DAHANA successfully applied DabexUG in the first blasting activity at the PT Nusa Halmahera Mineral (NHM) Underground Gold Mine site. Despite the challenges with work areas which were exposed to high risks, the DAHANA team successfully performed the blasting.

The success at the PT NHM site has made Dahana confident. In the future, DabexUG will be DAHANA’s mainstay in Underground Blasting Services, for both underground mining and tunnelling. The Company hoped that in the future DAHANA will increasingly in the radar of potential consumers engaged in underground mining.

“We are confident that with DAHANA’s success at the NHM site, through DabexUG product innovation and superior human resources, DAHANA will have a lot to say in the underground mining market. “It is our hope that in the future, more and more underground mining companies will entrust their underground blasting services to DAHANA,” concluded Mr Munawar.