The Coordinating Ministry for the Economy of the Republic of Indonesia visited PT DAHANA in order to monitor and evaluate the innovation “Utilization of Waste Oil to Substitute Diesel Fuel as a Raw Material for Production of Explosives”. The visit aims to strengthen cooperation between the government and DAHANA for development of environmentally friendly innovative products. During the visit, the team from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia was welcomed by DAHANA’s Production Senior Manager Erwin Cipta Mulyana at the DAHANA Campus in Subang on June 23, 2023.

In his remarks, Mr Mulyana briefly explained about the company profile of PT DAHANA from the history of DAHANA’s establishment which originated from the Republic of Indonesia Air Force’s “Menang Project”, to the relocation from Tasikmalaya to Subang. In addition, Erwin explained about the business lines that DAHANA runs in both the commercial and military sectors.

“We appreciate and express our gratitude for the visit of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs team, especially the Deputy for SOE Business Development Coordination, Research and Innovation. In view of the Company’s vision, PT DAHANA is committed to continuing to increase the use of waste oil as a product material from DAHANA’s explosives, protecting the environment, and encouraging innovation in the explosives industry sector,” said Mr Mulyana.

As for the development of innovation and research of the national products, Mr Mulyana hoped for support from the government, particularly from the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy. He also wished that the government will support the use of these innovations in mass production, as well as develop industries that support PT DAHANA’s business lines, both in commercial and defense-related products, such as bombs, rockets, and the propellant industry.

Meanwhile, Policy Analyst Associate Expert at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Dwi Septi Cahyawati appreciated DAHANA’s steps in innovating the use of waste oil. Miss Cahyawati said that this innovation is an extraordinary step in waste management and more efficient use of resources.

“The use of waste oil not only reduces the cost of waste management and the use of diesel fuel, but also produces quality products acceptable to consumers and provides financial benefits for the company,” said Miss Cahyawati.

Following the discussions on waste management innovations and sharing knowledge on the efficient use of resources, the delegation from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs was also invited to plant tour to PT DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC). During the tour, the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs team had the opportunity to see PT DAHANA’s facilities realizing the application of technology and production systems that are modern and environmentally friendly. The visit gave a real picture of the best practices adopted by the Company in reducing the costs of waste management and the use of diesel.