The business sector run under the Quarry & Construction Division of PT DAHANA (Persero) is predicted to grow significantly in 2021. The division’s target in the construction sector this year has been challenging due to the large number of acquired projects. This was conveyed by DAHANA’s Director of Operations Bambang Agung in Jakarta, Friday (18/6/2021).


According to Bambang Agung, currently there are two construction projects in the National Strategic Project (PSN) category which are in progress by by the Quarry & Construction Division.


“We are aiming for 2-3 more projects. We expect to increase revenue of around Rp 50-75 billion by the end of the year in the construction sector. Meanwhile, the quarry sector remains promising in term of increase of revenue through the domestic cement market,” said Bambang.


As a provider of Drilling and Blasting services and producer of explosives for the mining industry, Dahana sees the upward trend and stability in the prices of mining commodities such as coal, nickel and gold which are opportunities for DAHANA to increase revenue.


“This is interesting and a challenge as well for DAHANA. Therefore, the management has instructed the Quarry & Construction Division to add and expand services through Loading & Hauling section which work is closely related and is actually the further step of Drilling & Blasting work,” explained Bambang Agung.


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