PT DAHANA (Persero) welcomed the virtual visit  of Chemical Engineering students of  Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). The virtual visit under the theme “Internship Study to Explore High-energy Materials” was held on Thursday, June 17, 2021.


Axle Antonius, Coordinator of the ITB Chemical Engineering Internship Study 2021 said that this virtual visit to DAHANA aimed to provide an overview to ITB 2018 Chemical Engineering students on the world of work and provide an overview of the application of the knowledge they have learned on campus in the industrial world.


“Thanks to DAHANA for its support and availability for being the destination of the ITB Chemical Engineering student’s study visit,” said Axle.


This study event began with remarks from representatives of DAHANA’s management represented by Benny Gunawan, Head of DAHANA’s EMC, followed by a material presentation and question and answer session delivered by Erwin Cipta Mulyana, Senior Manager of K3LH & Technology.


During his presentation, Erwin provided an overview of the application of chemical engineering in the high energy materials industry. He also talked about the history of DAHANA’s explosives along with their composition and uses for both commercial and military explosives. Apart from that, Erwin said that job prospects are available for chemical engineering students in the industrial world, both in the high-energy materials industry and other industries.


“Chemical engineering study graduates are the highest human resource demand at DAHANA. DAHANA is a producer of explosives for both the commercial and military sectors, which preliminary extensive related researches before application in fields,” explained Erwin.


To enliven the event, at the end of the virtual session, DAHANA team gave the Kahoot featuring 15 questions about DAHANA answers which could be traced back in what had previously been explained by Erwin Cipta in his material.