In commemoration of National Customer Day (NCD) 2023, PT DAHANA’s management greets costumers by visiting the head-office and costumer representative offices both in the Greater Jakarta area and at project sites on Monday, September 4, 2023.

DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman said that the moment of National Customer Day has special meaning for PT DAHANA. Our costumers are the most important stakeholders for the smooth operation PT DAHANA’s business; costumer’s trust is a priority for the Indonesian explosives mecca company.

“We wish you a happy National Customer Day. We and all PT DAHANA employees hope to sustainably provide the best services to customers so as to present good cooperation and “Happy Dahana Partners” scheme in accordance with the theme of this year’s Dahana Customer Day,” said Mr Widarman.

This year, the PT DAHANA Team met directly with several customers under the General Mining Division, Quarry & Construction Division and Oil, Gas & Military Division who are domiciled in the Jabodetabek area and its surroundings. Meanwhile, PT DAHANA’s PjO Jobsite Project in various regions also did the same thing with direct contact events with the costumers at each site.

Chief Executive of PT DAHANA’s National Customer Day, Rosi Rosmayanti, conveyed that the 2023 National Customer Day commemoration is part of PT DAHANA’s 57th anniversary series. She hoped that through this activity DAHANA will always prioritize customer interests in every operation, and always seeks to provide the best service to every and each customer.

“Hopefully the well-established customer collaboration can continue to be implemented and even in a more improved way. Once again, we wish you Happy National Customer Day, Happy Customers, Prosperous DAHANA,” concluded Miss Rosmayani.