SUBANG – PT DAHANA organized Coloring and Creative Dance Contests which with pre-school students around the Company as participants. The contests were given as part of the SER Week 2022 activities in commemoration of DAHANA’s 56th Anniversary. The coloring contest took place at Bale DAHANA, Subang on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

The committee for the coloring contest, Neni Sumarni, said that the Coloring and Creative Dance contests were one of the Company’s way to motivate young children so that they can be more creative and active in learning as well as be a step to explore the kids’ interests and talents.

 “Benefitting from this activity, we hope that children can grow into a skilled, creative, collaborative and innovative generation, in accordance with the theme of DAHANA’s 56th Anniversary, namely Collaboration in Innovation,” said Miss Sumarni.

Participants enthusiastically participated in the competitions which were organized by the committee in a lively atmosphere. Apart from the participants, the students’ parents were also enthusiastic about sending their students to participate in the competitions.

 Neni added that in order to generate more motivation, the committee supplied various kinds of prizes, from trophies, certificates, and other attractive gives-away. There were first, second and third winners, with three runners-up, ten winners of favorite picture, and three most unique pictures.

In 2022, DAHANA focuses its SER  movement in education as shown by the supply of benches and tables to schools in Subang Regency. In addition, the SER team also regularly provides supplies of educational and sports equipment, and worship facilities.

Meanwhile, in order to support the learning process for agricultural students living around the company, the Edu Park Nursery is available for students around Subang for planting of hydroponic produces.

Information :

Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications