On Tuesday (02/26/2020) hundreds of PT DAHANA (Persero) employees participated in the Medical Check-up (MCU) held at the DAHANA Bale Building, Subang, West Java. This MCU activity is an annual agenda organized by the Human Resources and Organizational Development (PSDMO) section of PT DAHANA (Persero).

Same as the previous year’s MCU activities, this time DAHANA again collaborated with Kimia Farma as a partner for MCU activities for all DAHANA employees.

According to Ayudia Sasmaya, a member of MCU committee, this year Kimia Farma was reappointed as a Medical Check-up partner for 547 DAHANA employees.

“In total there are 574 employees registered for the MCU comprising of DAHANA Subang office employees, Jakarta office employees, and employees who are in the DAHANA Site Project scattered throughout Indonesia,” Ayudia explained.

With regards to the MCU schedule, employees who are in the Subang Central Office environment will get the service today (Tuesday, 25/02/2020), while the Jakarta office employees will conduct MCU activities tomorrow (Wednesday, 27/02 / 2020) and DAHANA employees in the Site Project can visit the nearest Kimia Farma branch by contacting the HR department first. (yz)

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