In order to establish talks on the technical aspects of propellant technology, the Director of Research and Development of the Indonesian Army’s Centre for Infantry Weaponry (PUSSENIF), Colonel of Infantry Sunarto and his team visited DAHANA. DAHANA’s Vice President of Energetic Material Center (EMC), Benny Gunawan welcomed the PUSSENIF R&D team at DAHANA Campus, Subang, Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

In his remarks, Mr Gunwan said that DAHANA’s high-energy material center is capable and ready to develop and produce propellants, so it is expected to give more intense cooperation with the Indonesian Army’s PUSSENIF in the future as one of DAHANA’s strategic partners in fulfilling the Republic of Indonesia Armed Forces’ Main Weapon System Equipment (Alutsista).

“Currently, DAHANA is fully capable and ready to develop and produce solid propellants. We will also continue to support the cooperation that has been established so far with Army’s PUSSENIF. It is our hope that by increasing the facilities owned by DAHANA, we are able to contribute to the realization of the independence of the national defense system,” said Mr Gunawan.

This was welcomed by Colonel Sunarto. He said that the Army’s PUSSENIF R&D team will coordinate with the PUSSENIF leader and Army’s internal units to prepare for possible collaboration with DAHANA. In principle, the PUSSENIF appreciates DAHANA’s performance so far and supports the propellant production carried out by DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center.

“Our visit here is also to find out how ready and capable EMC DAHANA is to produce propellant. Later this propellant will be used in the production of small rockets for the Indonesian Army, such as Counter-Tank Weapons, which will be used by Indonesian Army infantry troops,” said Colonel Sunarto.

Previously, DAHANA, HARIFF and PUSSENIF had conducted a series of trials of the Counter-Tank Weapon, a small and light version of a weapon that can be fired by one personnel using an over-the-shoulder launcher, and is referred to as a ‘shoulder launching gun’. The SLT was developed as an effort to complement the needs of the Indonesian military’s Main Weapon System (Alutsista) in addition to other products. The SLT will also strengthen the national defense system.


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