The excitement of the 74th Indonesian Independence Day commemoration began from the city to the corners of the country. Various activities were held, ranging from the flag ceremony to traditional competitions. Everyone was happily involved in the celebration by contributing everything they have : time, money and energy to enliven this annual event.

The Sadarwana village Youth Organization of Sadawarna organized traditional competitions in every hamlet in the Sadawarna village located close to PT DAHANA (Persero) site. PT DAHANA (Persero) actively took part in the local youth activities by donating prizes to the contest participants.

The delivery of donation was carried out at the Dahana Subang Campus on Friday, August 16, 2019. Senior Manager of Corporate Services Andri P. Kartiko handed over the said donation the youth representatives.

“As a manifestation of the company’s concern for the community, specifically to enliven the Republic of Indonesia Anniversary, we are donating competition prizes to three hamlets in Sadawarna through the youth clubs,” said Andri P. Kartiko during the delivery of donation.

Meanwhile, the head Youth Organization of Sadawarna village, Casmita, happily welcomed the donation. According to him, the committee needed support for organizing seventeen competitions.

“Thank God, Dahana is helping us. We really appreciate the contribution. This surely is very encouraging so that our events will be more joyous, “said Casmita.

As it is widely known, Dahana (Persero) operates on manufacture of explosives located in Sadawarna village, Cibogo district. Sadawarna village controls three hamlets namely Cikareo, Hamlet and Sadawarna.