PT DAHANA has recently exported cartridge emulsion explosives to Australia. A total of 250 tons of explosives were sent to meet the needs of mining operations in the Kangaroo country. Cartridge emulsion explosive is one of PT DAHANA’s mainstay explosives in the mining sector, both quarries, construction, and coal and mineral mining.

For blasting process in the mining industry, especially in gold and coal mining, emulsion explosives are widely used for their explosive capabilities, safety, and good blasting results. As the mecca of Indonesian explosives, PT DAHANA produces two types of emulsion explosives, namely Cartridge Emulsion (Dayagel Extra) and Bulk Emulsion (Dabex).

DAHANA’s Cartridge Emulsion or commonly called Dayagel Extra is a high-powered explosive which is sensitive to detonators and resistant to water. This packaged emulsion explosive, apart from its use in mining, is also good for use in quarry operations and underground blasting operations.

General Mining Division 2 GM PT DAHANA, Abdul Haris Atbaro said that Dayagel Extra is one of DAHANA’s products that plays an important role in the explosives industry, and has been trusted by many consumers at various sites throughout Indonesia, now to be a preferred export blasting material to Australian mining.

“This product has high trust from mining business people. Its competitive price and proven capabilities allow Cartridge Emulsion produced by DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center to compete and even become a preferred export commodity to various Australian mining operators,” said Mr Atbaro in Jakarta (12/06/2024).

Dayagel Extra is a primary explosive that is applicable to various types of blasting. DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center Engineers crafted this product which comes with various advantages. This product is also well packaged and offered in some variants and sizes to provide with a high level of safety for use in many blasting needs.

Apart from that, this product can be applied at various depths and diameters of shot holes, both in dry and wet shot holes. In general, Cartridge Emulsion is perfect for use with detonator No. 8, or with a 10 g/m or higher explosive fuse.

Dayagel Extra is also equipped with high safety features, namely its ability to be insensitive to mechanical impact. This is very important for minimizing losses to both health and occupational safety, and to avoid unwanted explosions.

“This Cartridge Emulsion is also a mainstay in various important operations owned by DAHANA, such as the construction of the Jakarta Bandung Fast Train tunnel, and various other National Strategic Projects. In addition, Australian mining operators have also used thousands of tons of DAHANA Cartridge Emulsion, starting from the first shipment,” concluded Mr Atbaro.