Corporate Secretary Bayu Anggoro said that this event is regularly given by DAHANA as a form of gratitude for the services of the heroes in liberating this country, and defending it steadfastly. This is also DAHANA’s effort to make sure people comprehend the patriotic values ​​of the heroes, both in their daily life and at work.

“In accordance with the theme of this year’s Hero’s Day, My Hero is my Example, I hope that we can emulate the courage, tenacity, and patriotic spirit of the nation’s heroes. Moreover, we are engaged in the defense industry which supports national defense and security equipment,” said Mr Anggoro.

This was also welcomed by the Head of Cibogo District’s LVRI, H. M. Suparman. He expressed his gratitude to DAHANA who really cares about veterans. Mr Suparman also hoped that DAHANA will remain victorious and continue to progress and advance in the field of energetic materials.

“It wise if DAHANA’s employees become the next generation of struggle ideals and fill independence with real works,” said Mr Suparman.

Mr Anggoro also explained about the history of DAHANA which was born from the Force of the Republic of Indonesia’s Menang project, which was aimed at defending Indonesia from the threat of external attacks. Until now, DAHANA is growing and expanding its wings in the commercial explosives business.

Owing to its Energetic Material Center, and superior Human Resources, DAHANA continued to grow to become a mecca for explosives in Indonesia, with the most complete facilities in the Southeast Asia region. DAHANA’s products and services have also been trusted by consumers scattered across Indonesia, and regularly export its products.

Apart from that, DAHANA as part of the Defense Industry SOEs holding DEFEND ID, remains in steady support to the independence of the National Defense and Security Equipment and Apparatus (Alpalhankam). Under the core values ​​of AKHLAK, DAHANA has carried out various collaborations to create the latest innovations in the military business line.

Defense products successfully created by DAHANA include Bomb P Live Series, Defense Rockets, Missiles, Smokeless Propellant Rockets, Rhan 122 B Launching Vehicles, Weapons Against Tanks, Propellants; and most recently, DAHANA successfully conducted trials for the Rajata loitering munition.


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