A total of 5 organic employees and 12 employees from 7 DAHANA departmental units were named Outstanding Employees 2023. The awards were given directly by DAHANA’s Director of Finance, Risk Management and HR Ahyanizzaman at the peak of the company’s 57th anniversary celebration which was held on Wednesday, 25 October 2023, at Bale DAHANA in Subang, West Java.

Ahyanizzaman expressed his pride and appreciation for the outstanding employees of 2023. He conveyed that this award is an incentive for all other employees to become the best in their respective positions, and as role models for other employees.

“Congratulations to all employees who received awards. This is a form of the company’s appreciation for DAHANA’s people who have succeeded in carrying out various profitable innovations, and employees who have managed to maintain discipline and loyalty to the Company. Hopefully in the future, there will be more DAHANA employees with excellent performance,” said Mr Ahyanizzaman. The 5 organic employees are Edi Kusnadi Superintendent of JsP Bangun Andalas Cement Operations – DKK. Mr Kusnadi received an award for successfully transitioning the management of SBA Jsp, improving the management of blasting operations at SBA Jsp, succeeding in convincing consumers to continue using Dahana explosive products (Dayagel) when there was a shortage of boosters and SBA Jsp’s superior performance; M. Ilyas Lolo, Superintendent Operation of KTC TAMTAMA Jsp DTU-1 for successfully making KTC Tamtama Jsp operational costs efficient, obtaining quarterly jasprod, and managed to work in remote areas without any problems; M. Hilman Haidar, Assistant Manager of Military Research and Innovation who was successful as PIC in technology mastery, project controller and project engineer projects; Fikri Arif Alfi, ADARO DTU-2 Operations Supervisor, who succeeded in increasing production during the last 2 months of 2023, and won the Main Award from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral n the aspects of Standardization Management and Mineral & Coal Mining Services Business for the Group of Mining Services Business License Holders for the 2022 Assessment Period; and Emir G. Faisal, Assistant Warehouse Manager (in Banjarmasin) who successfully made changes to the goods storage layout in the Bati-Bati accessories warehouse which was profitable for the company.

Meanwhile, the 12 non-organic employees who received awards included Eliansyah – Foreman MHU Jsp DTU-1, Yuri Wirahadi – Assistant Supervisor BSS AGM Jsp DTU-1, Muhammad Supyan – Mekanik Adaro Jsp DTU-2, Aris Sanda Layuk – Foreman NHM Jsp DTU -2, Egi Hermawan – Assistant Foreman – Jasp Semen Padang, Bona TM Sihombing – Administration 1 – Jsp Sigli, Aceh, Suriansyah – Warehouse Security Officer KM 29 Samboja, Kukar, East Kalimantan, Arief Jamhari – Banjarmasin Warehouse Foreman, Irma Oktaviani – LKP General Administration, Muhammad Lutfiadi – Jakarta Office Courier, Dede Supriatna – Junior Operator CE, Eman Wiguna – Junior Operator Nonel. These 12 employees have succeeded in maintaining their superior performance