PT DAHANA (Persero)’s AKHLAK Internalization Team again held an online sharing session with DAHANA alumni on Thursday, June 3, 2021. Under the theme of “Behind the Creation Process of Mars Dahana”, this sharing session featured H. Evi Herdiana as resource person and writer Dahana March.


In addition to sharing experiences between DAHANA employees and retirees, this sharing session also aimed look back at the  history of DAHANA’s progress from time to time.


“Dahana has a long history. It is our hope that a sharing  session like will that the successors at DAHANA will not forget the history that has raised DAHANA,” said Bambang Agung, Director of Operations of DAHANA during his speech.


During the sharing session which was attended by DAHANA employees from the Subang office, Jakarta, and the DAHANA Project Site, H. Evi Herdiana told the audience the process and hopes behind the creation of DAHANA March.


“The lyrics of DAHANA March convey deep  meaning with wordings that contain hope for the progress of DAHANA and the Indonesian nation in general. As a state-owned company, of course, DAHANA is surely expected to be a source of pride for the Indonesian people,” said H. Evi, who previously served as Head of Dahana’s Internal Unit.


In addition to discussing through a question and answer session with resource persons, this sharing session was also enlivened by Kahoots games which contained questions about the cultural values ​​of AKHLAK.