In commemoration of its 55th  anniversary, PT DAHANA (Persero) wished to maintain good relations with its alumni who had previously contributed to the company, by holding the Alumni Charity event in DAHANA’s hometown, Tasikmalaya, to be exact at Café 77 on October 21, 2021.


According to Fajar Pratama, Alumni Charity committee member, this activity is a way for alumni and DAHANA employees to stay in touch and remain connected. This gathering  is a good tradition for the company that is carried out on every DAHANA’s Anniversary, because employees can learn and keep informed on the development of the company from time to time.


In its history, DAHANA, which was born 55 years ago, has gone through various challenges and difficult times to reach the state at is today from the time it was operating Tasikmalaya with only had a few explosives products, to today with various products lines and services. On each of these trips, there are employees who work hard, who are now DAHANA alumni.


“This event is also a reminder that alumni are part of the success of DAHANA’s advancement,” said Mr Pratama.


Mr Pratama also explained that during the event, alumni received donation in the form of basic necessities and cash as a form of DAHANA’s concern in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has been hitting Indonesian economy, including DAHANA alumni for almost two years. So this event became important for maintaining the company’s big family’s connection.


Dozens of alumni who are members of the SENADA organization (DAHANA’s Retired Union) took part in the Alumni Charity activities, exchanging information and knowledge about DAHANA’s progress from time to time.