Advancement of a state-owned enterprises is determined by its Human Resources. Currently, 70% of Indonesia’s population is in the productive age, however, but 50% of them have low education. The same applies to university graduates who are deemed not to have met the needs of the industry.

As a manifestation of SOEs present for the country, the Ministry of SOEs through the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI) participated in responding to issue through the Certified Internship Program (CIP) This program is intended to provide opportunities for students to participate in channeling the potential and experience in SOEs.

As a prominent explosive manufacturer in Indonesia, PT DAHANA (Persero) also welcomed the program. 19 students from 7 universities in Indonesia attended CIP in Dahana for 6 months.

The sharing session with CIP participants was held on Monday, August 26 in the Dahana Smartroom room and was attended by all PMMB participants and the Panelists team.

Cecep Ahmad Fauzi, Assistant Manager of HR Services at PT DAHANA (Persero) hoped that the PMMB program could be beneficial in improving the quality of the HR of the participants. “Under this program, I hope that PMMB participants can develop their potential as they have been given the opportunity to get on-hand experience in SOEs,” said Cecep during the sharing sessions.

One CIP participant in DAHANA, Fadlan, a student of Mining Engineering at Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, shared his experience while attending CIP at DAHANA. “Previously, I had an internship too, where the activities were only design and sort of it. This time, during internship at Dahana I was given the opportunity to directly experience being a blasting service crew and was stationed in the PT Adaro Indonesia Site Plant. “Said Fadlan.

The same thing was also expressed by Yudit Aliatusyara, a student from the University of Singapore, Karawang, majoring in accounting. The girl who was born in Karawang, 4 October 1997 also shared her experience while attending CIP at Dahana.

“During the apprenticeship I learned what the work environment is like. Moreover I also gained a lot of knowledge that the mere classroom lectures did not give. I was impressed and thanked Dahana for giving me the opportunity to take part in this CIP. Hopefully the experience and knowledge that I got at DAHANA can be useful for the nation and state,” she hoped.