DAHANA has a reputable track record in term of MSE funds distribution to the Subang and other regencies in West Java, especially the Tasikmalaya Regency as the forerunner to the birth of DAHANA. To conduct an assessment with DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Unit (TJSL) for the development of MSMEs in Tasikmalaya, the Tasikmalaya Regency’s Integrated Business Service Center (PLUT) visited PT DAHANA, on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

The Coordinator of Tasikmalaya Regency’s PLUT, Eet Riswana, said that the visit along with his entourage was meant to strengthen the relationship with DAHANA, which became part of the progress of MSMEs in Tasikmalaya Regency when DAHANA was based in Tasikmalaya back then.

“Alhamdulillah, we can visit DAHANA again. We used to have an office in Tasikmalaya and DAHANA was one part of the progress of MSMEs. Many DAHANA fostered partners became successful and even stepped into the export market,” said Mr Riswana.

Mr Riswana continued that with the current visit, he invited DAHANA to return to its role in growing the seeds of new MSME partners to help increase the economy, especially economy of Tasikmalaya Regency’s people.

This was welcomed by the Head of DAHANA’s TJSL unit, Eman Suherman. Mr Suherman said that DAHANA could collaborate with PLUT Tasikmalaya Regency to realize the progress of MSMEs, through collaboration starting from the selection stage, to the inclusion of MSME funding programs to related coaching to promote and develop Tasikmalaya’s MSMEs.

“We are widely open to the development of the people’s economy, which has been our focus so far, especially since DAHANA has a long history with Tasikmalaya as the district where DAHANA used to operate,” said Mr Suherman.

Eman added that collaboration with PLUT Tasikmalaya would also make it easier for DAHANA to distribute MSE financing programs. The selection made by PLUT Tasikmalaya  has proven the quality of the fostered partners so far, making it easier for DAHANA’s TJSL to properly run the program.

“We can see that MSME recommendations from PLUT Tasikmalaya record smooth process of repayment of loan. We believe in PLUT Tasikmalaya, and hopefully we can continue to work together to bring MSMEs in Tasikmalaya to the next level and go international,” added Mr Suherman.