Another best employee of PT DAHANA (Persero) left the company for retirement namely Asep Maskandar, who was born in Bandung and has served for 28 years at DAHANA with his last position as Corporate Secretary. Rina Erita, Deputy Director of Corporate Planning and Logistics was appointed the new Corporate Secretary. The retirement ceremony of Asep Maskandar was carried out in a modest way in the Nursery area on Thursday, January 28, 2021, attended by the Board of Directors and other DAHANA employees.


Starting working at DAHANA in August 1993, Asep Maskandar spent his career in Dahana for 28 years. During that time, Asep has been experiencing every joys and challenges of working throughout his career.


“Before taking the position of Corporate Secretary I was General Manager of the Oil and Gas Division, Deputy Director of Corporate Planning & Logistics, General Manager of the Quarry & Construction Division, Head of EMC. The position of Corporate Secretary that I left now is the second time as previously I also held the position of Secretary Companies from 2009 to 2012, “Asep said.


Asep had the time of sharing advice to the  young generation at DAHANA during which he said that they should  continue to learn and develop. According to Asep, the world of work in the industry cannot stand by itself,  nor develop by itself as there must be support from qualified human resources.


“Therefore, don’t be easily satisfied and keep on learning and developing yourself,” said Asep Maskandar.


The same thing was also conveyed by Budi Antono, President Director of DAHANA during his remarks. Budi advised the young generation at DAHANA to continue to develop their abilities. Budi pointed out that the millennial generation must continue to develop their abilities and keep making innovation as it is a fact that these millennial employees will later continue to be leaders of the company in the future.


“You must have sincere intentions, motivation, and enthusiasm while not giving up easily. It is important to remember that DAHANA can grow only with innovation, aggressiveness and the right investment, “said Budi Antono.


Last but not least, Budi also thanked Asep Maskandar who has been dedicating himself in DAHANA for 28 years. “Enjoy your retirement period, I hope Mr. Asep will always be in a good health with abundance of his sustenance. Thank you for all the good work in and  service for  DAHANA, “said Budi.