PT DAHANA’s 57th Anniversary Committee organized an Art Creation Performance Competition for Subang Regency pre-school students. This competition was given as part of the 2023 DAHANA SER Week which will take place from 16 to 20 October 2023. The participants performed their skills on the Bale DAHANA Subang stage on 16 October 2023.

Chairman of PT DAHANA SER Unit Eman Suherman explained that the Art Creation Competition for pre-school students is a form of the Company’s appreciation for the Subang people. He hoped that this competition can instill the values of collaboration and innovation in participants who are the future generation of Subang.

“Artistic creation requires persistence, collaboration, innovation and self-confidence. Earlier we saw that Subang children apparently have many good talents. Hopefully this can continue to be honed until they grow up, so that Subang’s future will also be brighter. We also congratulate the winners. Those who didn’t get prizes no need to be discouraged; there will be similar event next year,” said Mr Suherman.

During the Art Creation competition there were 17 competing teams competing to show their talent. SPS Bina Insan succeeded in winning 1st place, followed by Nurul Huda kindergarten for 2nd place, and Uswatun Hasanah kindergarten in 3rd place. SPS Melati 2 was 1st runner-up, followed by Sabili kindergarten as 2nd runner-up and Al Furqon kindergartern as 3rd runner up.

The supervisor of SPS Bina Insan, Ida, expressed her gratitude to DAHANA for organizing the Art Creation Performance competition. According to her, the more competitions, the more chance there will be to help develop and grow her students’ talents. She was also happy because her students managed to get 1st place.

“Thank God, our students managed to get 1st place which is a matter of pride for us. We also wish you a happy DAHANA’s 57th anniversary. Hopefully DAHANA will continue to progress and develop,” concluded Ida.

Apart from the art creation stage, the Committee also organized a drawing competition for pre-schools throughout Cibogo District. The following is a list of winners:

Winner of Drawing Competition

  1. DeIla, 1st place in the Drawing Competition (SPS Bina Insani)
  2. Adhwa, 2nd place in the Drawing Competition (At-Taufik Kindergarten)
  3. Kyra, 3rd place in the Drawing Competition (SPS Hidayahudin GSR)

Runner-ups of Drawing Competition

  1. Raisya, 1st runner-up in the Drawing Competition (Sabili Kindergarten)
  2. Azhar Saputra, 2nd runner-up in the Drawing Competition (SPS Al-Khamaroh)
  3. Hanif, 3rd runner-up in the Drawing Competition (Paud Hasanah Pre-school)

Drawing Favorite Champions

  1. Luthfiana from Kasih Ibu Preschool
  2. Afiza from Al-Fatwa Kindergarten
  3. Aisha from Al Amanah Kindergarten
  4. Arfan from Al-Amanah Kindergarten
  5. M. Zahir from Hasanah Pre-school
  6. Arsya from Al-Khadar SPS
  7. Altair from Melati 2 SPS
  8. Dinda from Cerdas Cendika Kindergarten
  9. Fadih from Harapan Bangsa Kindergarten
  10. Abiyyu from Al-Furqon Kindergarten

The Anniversary Committee has also prepared various events for this year’s SER Week, including Stunting Counseling, Provision of Additional Food, Prolanis Blood Donation Exercises, Fun Walks, Tree Planting, Fun Cooking, DAHANA Singing Competition 2023, and Tabligh Akbar.