Abdurahman Mosque in Pangangkan Neighborhood, Rancasari Village, Pamanukan Subang District saw the handover of 559 Al-Qurans as charity (waqf) from Al-Akhdar Mosque Prosperity Council (DMK). DMK was  represented by DKM Advisor Y. Agus Setiawan, DKM Chair Anwar Sanusi and other DKM administrators. The waqf Al-Qurans were received by Iteng Sukarya, a representative of the National Charity Agency (Baznas) Subang Regency on Thursday, April 8, 2021.


The handover of Al-Quran waqf was a part of 1,000 Al-Quran Waqf Movement promoted by DKM Al-Akhdar which lasted from January 25, 2021 to March 31, 2021.


“Thank God, a total of 1,030 Al-Qurans were obtained. They are from from 63 waqf donors. 53 of them donated in cash while the remaining 10 donated the Al-Quran,” said Anwar Sanusi, Chairman of DKM Al-Akhdar.


Anwar continued, in addition to the 559 Al-Qurans being distributed in Pamanukan District that day, the Al-Qurans would be distributed to several mosques in Subang Regency.


“God willing, our target before the 1st of Ramadan 1442 AH has been reached. We have distributed all of the Al-Qurans,” said Anwar.


When met after the handover ceremony of Al-Quran waqf, Iteng Sukarya, Deputy Head of the Subang Regency Office of National Charity Collection Division, said that the Al-Qurans received from the Al-Akhdar DKM would be distributed to several mosques and Islamic boarding schools around Pamanukan District which had just experienced severe flooding.


“Thank God, I hope this will become a charity for the waqf  program and can be useful for the people,” concluded Iteng.