SUBANG – PT DAHANA’s Senior Auditor for Technical and Operational Affairs, Andri P. Kartiko is entering the Retirement Preparation Period (MPP) from the Indonesian Explosives Qibla Company. Andri’s farewell ceremony was held at the DAHANA Auditorium on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, and attended by DAHANA employees

In his remarks, Mr Kartiko expressed his gratitude to all of DAHANA’s management, and the employees who have accompanied him working at DAHANA. He said that serving Indonesia through DAHANA was an unforgettable experience.

“A huge thank once again to the entire DAHANA extended family for accepting me as part of the DAHANA family. I also apologize for any conducts or says that you found unfavourable during my stay,” said Mr Kartiko.

Mr Kartiko has devoted himself to working for an explosives company owned by the Indonesian people for 33 years. He began his career as a Member of Marketing Administration Affairs in 1991. In March 2003 Mr Kartiko was assigned as Acting Sales Manager of the Oil and Gas Division before finally being appointed in April 2004 as Sales Manager of the Oil and Gas Division.

In his career, Mr Kartiko was also appointed as Public Relations Manager in May 2008. Owing to his persistence in the various fields he was involved in, he was then appointed as Senior Manager of DAHANA’s Asset Management in 2013, then served as Senior Auditor in 2021, and final career as Senior Auditor for Technical and Operations from 2022.

Mr Kartiko is one of the living witnesses of DAHANA’s journey and leaps and bounds, from the very beginning of humble office in Tasikmalaya to becoming an explosives company with the most complete facilities in Southeast Asia. Mr Kartiko is also known as a figure who is firm in leading for the sustainability of the company.

“Hopefully DAHANA will continue to be an advanced and developing company, and the benefits will be increasingly meaningful to the surrounding community,” concluded Mr Kartiko.