In order to internalize AKHLAK corporate culture values, PT DAHANA (Persero) held a sharing session with DAHANA alumni on Tuesday, 27 April 2021. The session were given held virtually through video conference featuring Dr. Ir Waspada Kurniadi, M.Sc, a DAHANA alumni explosives expert as a source.


Y. Agus Setiawan, Chairman of the AKHLAK Internalization Team said, this sharing session with DAHANA alumni was intended to share experiences among DAHANA employees and those who have retired from DAHANA.


“We hope to get enlightened through the experiences and history of the alumni so that they will stay informed with DAHANA’s progress,” said Agus.


This sharing session was hosted by Moderator Deya Nadya Kemalasari, Chairman of Youth ExploSive (YES) or Dahana’s millennial community. Waspada Kurniadi talked his experience with DAHANA, especially those related to corporate culture.


Agus explained that apart from the sharing sessions, there are other programs from the AKHLAK DAHANA cultural internalization team, such as the visual AKHLAK campaign through social media posts and Whatsapp broadcasts to all DAHANA employees every week which serves as a reminder of AKHLAK’s cultural values ​​to DAHANA employees.


The next program will be AKHLAK quiz which will test the ability of DAHANA employees to understand AKHLAK cultural values.


“This quiz, which is presented in an interesting way, aims to continuously remind the cultural values ​​of AKHLAK,” said Agus.


Agus hoped that through these programs, all DAHANA employees will be comprehended with the meaning and purpose of AKHLAK’s main cultural values and ​​ apply them in the daily work behavior and start to harmonize with the operational activities of each work unit. (rmt)