SUBANG – The DAHANA Campus had the honor of the visit of the Governor of West Java Province Ridwan Kamil and the West Java Police Chief Inspector General (Pol) Suntana and his entourage who were to inaugurate the Creative, MSME and Agro Products Exhibition at the Sidajaya Tourism Village, Subang on Friday, September 16, 2022. One of the highlights was the presence of the Chairperson of the West Java Family Welfare Education  (PKK) Atalia Praratya, the wife of the Governor of West Java Province, who is popularly known Bu Cinta.

During her visit. Bu Cinta toured the DAHANA Campus and received an explanation on the building which was started to be erected in in 2010. Bu Cinta was amazed by the unique structure of Dahana Campus. According to Bu Cinta, the green atmosphere in Dahana Campus resembles that of abroad.

“It turns out that in Indonesia has unique and cool buildings like this despite the fact that it belongs to an explosive industry,” she said in amazement.

According to PT DAHANA’s Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communication Juli Jajuli who accompanied her, DAHANA’S CAMPUS is a structure that carries a green concept with a platinum predicate from GBCI.

 Standing on an Energetic Material Center area of ​​more than 500 hectares, the DAHANA Campus, which is also known as the Qibla of Indonesian Explosives, offers many facilities to support the Company’s performance. With the naked eye, every visitor can see and feel how DAHANA’s buildings emits green look green of a hill or a bunker which is it is often referred to as Teletubbies hill (children’s cartoon).

 “These five buildings with identical shapes represent the star on the DAHANA logo which is derived from the Indonesian Air Force logo, the forerunner of DAHANA,” said Mr Jajuli.

 Upon entering the office area, visitors will be aware that the building is efficient in term of use of energy for lighting as the building allows more natural light, equipped with an independent water management system by utilizing the surrounding river, rainwater, and air-conditioning condensation water. The center of DAHANA Campus is an auditorium with towering protective nets.

The building has met the standards set by GBCI with regards to the fulfillment of green concept standards such as earthquake resistance standards, building fire safety, and accessibility for people with disabilities. The EMC facilities that support the green concept include land efficient, energy efficient, water local & environmental friendly materials, and healthy indoor water system. Another advantage is that 80% of building materials originate from within the country, coupled with the ISO 14001 certificate at the building material factory out of 32% of all building materials.

“The green building concept applied to DAHANA Campus is in accordance with the Company’s vision to become the leading national industry in the high energy materials by producing highly competitive and environmentally friendly goods and services,” continued Mr Jajuli.

Under the support of many, DAHANA’s office buildings have received various appreciations from the government and related institutions, such as the Energy Efficient Building in the 2012 National Energy Efficiency Award, the Energy Efficient Building in the New Building category from the 2013 Asean Energy Award, and the Architecture Energetic Material Center in the 2013 ASEAN Energy Efficiency Award in FutureArc Green Leadership 2013.

“It is our hope that that DAHANA will be part of efforts to maintain environmental balance to make sure that the nature is preserved,” concluded Mr Jajuli.

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