PT DAHANA (Persero) with its Energetic Material Center (EMC) and explosives manufacturing have become the most comprehensive explosives company in Southeast Asia. But it is not only that. DAHANA enjoys a support of adept talents capable of performing jobs and services related to explosives products


“DAHANA is able to perform jobs ranging from building/structure demolitions to licensing of explosives,” said Benny Gunawan, Head of DAHANA’s EMC (16/03).


Under such capabilities, DAHANA becomes a company that provides Total Explosive Solution to consumers. Benny also shared information of services related to explosives provided by DAHANA, such as building demolition, explosives disposal, explosives mobilization, explosives warehousing to consulting services.


Building/Structure Demolition

Demolition of unused buildings and structures or demolition of buildings/structures for other purposes requires reliable human labor and sophisticated technology to make sure that the job is done in safe and secure way. DAHANA’s technical team is experienced, trained and skilled and equipped works with accuracy in demolition of building which under the support of by special explosives to provide customer with satisfactory demolition jobs.


Explosives Disposal

Explosives are dangerous substances with a certain life span. When this life span expires, it must be disposed immediately. In addition to its hazardous nature, storing expired explosives is uneconomical. However, the process of explosives disposal requires great care and the correct technology to ensure safe and effective blasting processes. DAHANA has an experienced disposal team and related disposal technology to meet the needs of consumers with expired explosives.


Explosives Mobilization

DAHANA is committed to providing comprehensive services to consumers in order to ensure effective and efficient services to help reduce costs. One of the said services in is the explosives mobilization. The vulnerable nature of explosives certainly requires experts for moving explosives from one place to another. DAHANA, with an extensive experience in various crucial fields in Indonesia can provide services for the transfer of explosives from factories to warehouses to end users and vice-versa. In addition, DAHANA also has the ability to import and export explosives.


Explosives Warehousing

A safe and effective blasting process requires a careful design and plan, along with a professional and accordingly planned implementation. In response to that matter,   warehouse facilities with good safety standards in accordance with the explosives industry standards are  required. DAHANA offers safe and large capacity warehousing facilities for storing explosives, detonators, and other accessories. Another related advantage offered by DAHANA is the strategic location of the warehouse in Subang, Banjarmasin, and Samarinda which allow easier access and lower cots for the consumers.


Consulting Services

DAHANA also offers consulting services for full blasting process, both for handling of blasting activities, and selection of the right explosives adjusted to the contours of the land where the blasting process take place which contribute to minimize consumer spending for blasting. DAHANA ensures that its customers get the best solution.


“These services are supported by experienced experts in their fields so that it will greatly help achieve our target consumers,” concluded Benny Gunawan. (yz)