THE CIPIRIT Team won the 3×3 basketball match organized by DAHANA in commemoration of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Month. THE CIPIRIT secured their victory after defeating the Guardian Team (DAHANA Security) who was forced to accept the position as 2nd place in a match that was held at DAHANA’s Bale, in Subang, January 25 2023

PT DAHANA’s Communications Manager, Cipta Ismaya Kusumah, a member of THE CIPIRIT team, said he was happy to win this prestigious competition that was contested by 10 teams from various work units in DAHANA. THE CIPIRIT is a team that was just formed following the information about DAHANA’s 3×3 basketball match.

“THE CIPIRIT was formed spontaneously, with an idea from Mr. Herdi Pramayudha. THE CIPIRIT itself is an acronym for the names of the members (Team HErdi CIPta RIfki Tris). We are very happy to win this competition, but we are even happier because we get a sense of togetherness with other DAHANA partners,” said Mr Kusumah.

Mr Kusumah also hoped that the commemoration of the OHS Month will not only be taken as a ceremonial event, but will become a shared awareness of all DAHANA employees to realize Zero Accidents in the company, as well as a reminder to keep increasing the knowledge about Occupational Safety and Health.

Meanwhile, Head of DAHANA’s OHS Month Commemoration Committee, Danny Armeidian revealed, the 3×3 Basketball match was exciting and highly competitive as each team managed to lodge their shots. To recap, the 1st  place was won by THE CIPIRIT from Jakarta, the 2nd by Guardian from Security, and the 3rd  place by the Kuda Hiitam Team.

Mr Armeidian added that the official 3×3 rule was used in this match, led by a professional basketball referee from outside the company. This is a step by the committee so that the games can take place regularly and to introduce the game 3×3 basketball to DAHANA employees.

“We hope that in the future, DAHANA’s employees will not only participate in the 3×3 basketball match, but invite partners and across companies so that the competition be even more lively,” said Mr Armeidian.