In participation to the Subang Regency Government’s program in realizing integrated development from various related sectors, PT DAHANA (Persero) supports the construction of Educational  Center of at the Quality Family Village Cibogo Beringas in Dangdeur Subang, West Java.


The inauguration ceremony of the Educational Center was held on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, attended by the Regent of Subang H. Ruhimat, the President Director of DAHANA and the Chief of the Subang CSR Forum Budi Antono and representatives of other relevant agencies.



Some facilities have been erected at the Cibogo Beringas Educational Center, including processing facility for organic waste recycling using maggot caterpillars.


“In addition to breaking waste down, maggot caterpillars can also be used as bird or fish feed,” said Tedi, one of the administrators of the Kampung Cibogo Beringas Educational Home.


Meanwhile, in his speech, H. Ruhimat expressed his support to  what the residents of Cibogo Beringas Village were doing. According to Ruhimat, to realize the Subang Jawara program, supports from all elements of society are required, one of which is has been demonstrated by what the residents of Cibogo Beringas Village have done.


“If all elements of society do the same thing as what has been done in Kampung Cibogo Beringas, I am sure that our aspirations in for the making of Subang Jawara can be realized,” said H. Ruhimat.


Meanwhile, during the inauguration ceremony, Budi Antono hoped that the presence of this Educative Center can serve as a way to accelerate the development of excellent and  human resources of characters to realize the Subang Jawara.


“DAHANA is very supportive to the Subang Regency government program to improve the quality of human resources in Subang, among others has been shown by DAHANA building Taman Canda which is an integrated area of a reading room, a playground, and a museum. Apart from that, there is a DAHANA Nursery unit which in the future can be benefitted as an educational tool for the general public, which can serve as as a learning facility in plant nurseries and livestock cultivation, “said Budi. (rmt)