BANDUNG – PT DAHANA gave support to U-Mine Fest activities in the Underground Mining Seminar under the theme of “Potential and Challenges of Underground Mining to Manifest Indonesia Gold in 2045 Based on SDGs” organized by the Islamic University of Bandung (Unisba) in the Unisba Hall, Bandung, on Sunday, 7 May 2023.

Operations Manager of General Mining Division-2,  Angga Maulana said, DAHANA’s support for this activity is a form of the Company’s efforts to find young talents (talent scouting) in mining in hoping that more and more young people will be able to become leaders in the mining industry.

The seminar was also attended by various groups, ranging from students, academics, mining experts, to the general public. During this seminar, DAHANA promoted some of the best products for explosives, such as Dabex, Dawagel, Dayagel, Dayagel Seismic, Boosters, and Non-Electric Detonators.

“In addition to promoting the best products, DAHANA also wishes to increase public awareness of our products, especially among the younger generation and academics. DAHANA also opens opportunities for young people who are interested in joining join and becoming leaders in the future,” said Mr Maulana.

Mr Maulana also hoped that the seminar could help the public recognize the potential of underground mining in the country, and provide new insights for miners; especially the younger mining generation who are currently studying at Unisba. This seminar is also expected to provide benefits to all parties and become a reference for the development of the underground mining industry in Indonesia.

“The seminar provides an opportunity for mining experts and academics to share knowledge and experience in the mining industry, as well as introduce the latest products from DAHANA. We hope that this seminar can be a good start to increase collaboration between industry and academia in improving underground mining quality in Indonesia,” concluded Mr Maulana.

As is known, DAHANA is an Indonesian explosives mecca company that offers the most complete facilities in the ASEAN region. DAHANA has also started a new chapter by entering the underground mining market. Currently DAHANA has been trusted to execute underground blasting work at the NHM site and has received a positive response from the project owner.

“At the NHM site, DAHANA supplies explosives and special accessories for underground blasting applications in reactive ground areas. DAHANA has also assigned an On-Site Emulsion Plant (OSEP) unit, as well as a Multi Pump Unit (MPU) unit which can be used for charging emulsion in the underground mine for vertical and horizontal holes processes,” concluded Mr Maulana.