In support to the local products, especially fostered partners in Subang Regency, PT DAHANA provided assistance in the form of packaging supplies to five Medium and Small Enterprises (MSE). The supplies were handed over the Local Office of the Integrated Business Service Center of Subang Regency. On Monday, October 10, 2022.

Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit, Eman Suherman said that, as a state-owned company, DAHANA wishes to make progress and develop with the surrounding community, both in the education and  the environment sectors to help improve the MSEs class of fostered partners, one of which is by providing packaging supplies for the partner products.

 “Apart from provision of supplies of product packaging to fostered partners to help them make better product presentation, we also provide assistance in term of obtaining halal certificates which are still in process. It is our hope that with the proper and better packaging, we can help market partners’ products for better competition in the local market both in and outside Subang, and even penetrate the global market for export,” said  Mr Suherman.

Five DAHANA fostered partners received packaging supplies, namely Keysha Kitchen who was represented by Dewi Susiana, Suks Food by Risnawati, RN Brothers by Cucu Kartika, Ananda Cookies by Wati Nurwati and Hofland Coffee by Obi Pangestu.

The delivery of packaging supplies was also welcomed by foster partners. Dewi Susiana for example, said that this assistance could upgrade her product packaging to become more attractive, and ultimately affect her sales and business income.

 “We express our deepest gratitude to DAHANA for this assistance. I hope DAHANA will continue to advance and develop in the future,” said Miss Susiana.

DAHANA has been listed as an SOE which actively takes parts in fostering MSEs community. Not only providing capital assistance, DAHANA also organizes various business trainings and assists the marketing process. Some of DAHANA’s fostered partners have also managed to penetrate the international markets, such as Hofland Coffee.

Mr Suherman also hoped that in the future more DAHANA’s fostered partners will be upgrading to the global market, so that in addition to improving the economy of the fostered partners, they can also create job opportunities for the Indonesian people, especially residents of Subang Regency.