PT DAHANA (Persero) delivered aid for flood casualties in the Pagaden district, Subang area, West Java. Represented by Ajis Nurjaman, Assistant Manager of DAHANA’s Institutional Relations, supply of basic necessities and mineral water was channeled through the flood alert post in Pagaden District.


The  downpour that flushed Subang all day since Sunday, February 7, 2021 caused the water level to rise and submerge houses, roads, rice fields, and other public facilities in Pagaden District.


“Out of the seven villages in Pagaden, Kamarung Village, Sukamulya Village and Pagaden Village were the most badly affecter,” said Tri Utami. S. Sos. M.Si, Chief of Pagaden district.


In addition to inundating houses, the heavy downpour also hampered residents’ activities as road access remains inundated that leaves the residents and traffic users with hazard.


Up to the moment, the flood status in Pagaden remains on emergency alert. In addition to the effect of  high rain intensity, the flood is also attributed to a couple of other causes such as  river water overflow resulting from  the silting and narrowing and the lack of water catchment areas within the flood-prone areas. (rmt)