SUBANG – In order to get an on-hand knowledge on strengthening of management systems, especially in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, PT Tirta Investama Subang visited the DAHANA Management Office (Campus) in Subang. Tirta Investama team was welcomed by DAHANA’s Senior Production Manager, Erwin Cipta Mulyana with the Energetic Material Center team on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

 In his remarks, Mr Mulyana briefly described the journey of DAHANA, which originated from the Menang Project for the Indonesian Air Force (AURI), and was based in Tasikmalaya. However, due to the need for production expansion, DAHANA moved to Subang Regency which has an area of ​​almost 600 hectares.

 “Within DAHANA, we have a DAHANA Management System (SIMADA) which integrates a quality management system, OHS management, and environmental management. DAHANA is a state-owned company which is unique. DAHANA is engaged in the explosives industry; from the production process to the destruction of explosives, we go through strict security and safety procedures,” said Mr Mulyana.

Head of PT Tirta Investama Factory, Dwi Nofriyadi expressed his admiration for DAHANA. He referred to the branding of the office called Campus as a place for learning up to DAHANA’s commitment to becoming a green industry that has been recognized by many parties.

 “It is our hope that today’s event will run smoothly, and we can discuss the management of the two companies. We also wish to learn about DAHANA’s green industry, and how to sustain it. (This is) due to the fact that get is certainly easier than to maintain what has been achieved,“ said Mr Nofriyadi.

From the time DAHANA moved to Subang, DAHANA has demonstrated its commitment to the environmental conservation. This is realized by means of the concept of constructing a central management building with a green perspective, and receiving the first platinum level green building certificate in Indonesia.

 Apart from that, DAHANA continues to develop various environmentally friendly products, such as the use of waste oil to produce explosives, without compromising the ability and quality of blasting. DAHANA’s Green Commitment was also demonstrated by the Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit, by donating trees and maintenance equipment to the Subang community.

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