Students of the Operational Management Department of Universitas Siliwangi (Unsil), Tasikmalaya, visited PT DAHANA in order to increase their knowledge and experience field practice of the Company’s operational processes. DAHANA’s Legal and Corporate Communication Senior Manager Juli Jajuli warmly welcomed the group of Unsil students at the DAHANA Campus Auditorium in Subang on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

In his remarks, Mr Jajuli explained told the students about DAHANA’s short history which started with the Republic of Indonesia Air Force’s “Menang” project and then developed into DAHANA as it is today. Initially, DAHANA had a factory and head-offices in Tasikmalaya. However, due to various reasons, especially limited land, DAHANA moved to Subang in 2012 and occupied nearly 600 hectares of land.

“In Subang, we have built various facilities for high-energy materials, ranging from production facilities, warehousing to official housing. Under a commitment to the environment, DAHANA’s office building was constructed adopting the concept of green building and is the first new building in Indonesia to receive a platinum designation from GBCI,” said Mr Jajuli.

Mr Jajuli also mentioned that DAHANA’s products are in great demand by consumers in the mining industry. Owing to its Total Explosive Solutions services covering all blasting business processes, DAHANA is able to compete in the mining market in Indonesia. In fact, some of DAHANA’s products are frequently exported by consumers in the Asia Pacific region.

Apart from that, since early 2022, DAHANA has become part of DEFEND ID, an Indonesian defence industry holding. One of DEFEND ID’s goals is to become a driving force in achieving the independence of the National Defence and Security Equipment Tool (Alpalhankam). DAHANA has a special task in fulfilling the need for explosives for all Indonesia’s Armed Forces defence systems.

“Welcome to the PT DAHANA Campus. This campus is not a university, rather, a DAHANA’s Central Management Office. Even so, the campus philosophy remains as DAHANA Subang is often visited by guests with various backgrounds to study explosives,” said Mr Jajuli.

Meanwhile, the accompanying Lecturer from Unsil, Dian Kurniawan hopes that the students can absorb knowledge and understand well the operational processes conveyed by DAHANA’s management.

“With us here are the students majoring in operational management. It is our hope that they get the understanding of the flow of production operational processes both theoretically and practically in the field,” said Dian Kurniawan.

Following the remarks, the students received an explanation regarding DAHANA’s operations, especially in the field of detonator production operations which was delivered directly by PT DAHANA’s Detonator Production Operations Manager Irfana Ismail. The visit was concluded a tour to the factory area in Ring I Energetic Material Center.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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Mobile: 082111546999