On Wednesday, 7 March 2018, a historical moment for Indonesian Defense industry supremacy took place. On that day, a Facility of Nitroglycerine Instrument and Prototype at PT DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) Subang, West Java was officially operated.

The facility was initiated and constructed by Indonesian Ministry of Defense through the Defense Research and Development Agency (Balitbang). The facility was directly launched and inaugurated by the Minister of Defense, General (Ret) Ryamizard Ryacudu.

The launching ceremony was attended by government officers and stakeholders, namely the Ministry of SOEs, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of National Development, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, National Defense and Hightech Industry Cluster members, and officials from Subang regency.

“Indonesia is a nation of champion equipped with creativities. I believe this initial phase will be substantial for the sake of defense industry autonomy final result. In addition, one of the indicators manifesting a developed nation is the defense impression,” said Minister of Defense, General (Ret) Ryamizard Ryacudu.

Accompanied by several top officials from the Ministries, namely Deputy PISM Ministry of SOEs, and Director General of Chemical, Textile and Multifarious Industries (IKTA) of the Ministry of Industry, the Indonesian Minister of Defense officially inaugurated the facility by pressing the button and signing the inscription.

The Facility of Nitroglycerine Instrument and Prototype was constructed on 2.1 Ha area is one of the first facilities that manufacture propellant feedstock. The facility itself is one of the phases that led to the establishment of 7 National Defense Programs, namely Propellant Industry Development Program.

The facility construction was initiated by groundbreaking on 10 October 2013 at EMC Subang undertaken by the Indonesian Minister of Defense Poernomo Yusgiantoro and the Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat.

In the course of facility construction, DAHANA was involved in supplying major equipment, engineering, utility, materials, and undertaking the commissioning and start-up construction project of research and development facility.

The building had been constructed since 10 August 2015 until 2017. Later on, acid/wet run activity was initiated on 7 to 15 November 2017.  On the following day, 16 November 2017, live commissioning was conducted at the NG Plant Subang. Following the  inauguration, the Nitroglycerine manufacturer is ready for operation.

Nitroglycerin, also known as nitroglycerine and glycerin trinitrate, is an explosive compound. This composition is manufactured by combining glycerin with  nitric acid concentrate.  Nitroglycerine is propellant raw material.

Applying the technology of Rheinmetal Denel Munition (RDM), the NG facility has the capacity of 200 MT/year for producing 1 ton of nitroglycerin per day, or 150 kg/hour to be exact. DAHANA’s propellant will be exploited as the main component of Large Caliber Ammunition, and Small Caliber Ammunition to produce light ammunition, gunnery, ballistic missile, cannon, spaceship rocket and other civilian and military industry.

Propellant is a commodity that has strategic values of a nation’s supremacy. The essential domestic needs for propellant is still dependent upon export demands. As a consequence, we will always be alarmed by embargo from other countries, and not to mention the threat risk headed to Indonesian Republic defense.  The facility is expected to offer more opportunities for the government to progressively develop domestic propellant industry, particularly on the first phase, namely spherical powder/ball powder plant that manufactures powders for all kinds of small caliber ammunition. This undertaking creates deterrent effect and independence as well as defending the nation.

Meanwhile, the President Director of DAHANA (Persero) Budi Antono asserts that DAHANA still holds two major responsibilities, namely to establish propellant industry and  ammonium nitrate plant.

“Therefore, we use the occasion to sign the addendum for HoA propellant dan product offtake of amonium nitrate with PT Pindad which is also the member of the cluster,” said Budi Antono.

Opening of Bomb Filling Manufacturing Plant.

In addition to the official opining of the Nitroglycerine Facility and Prototypt, the Deputy of Mining, Strategic Industries and Media,  F. Harry Sampurno also opened the manufacturing plant of P100 Bomb Filling situated in EMC DAHANA, witnessed by the President Direcor of State-owned Enterprises for  National Defence & Hitech. Industry (NDHI) Cluster.

“It is our hope that Dahana’s ability in production of defense products keeps growing, for more stakeholders’ trust,” said F. Harry Sampurno upon signing of the inscription at the plant.

The P 100 L Bomb will be rigged at the Indonesian Air Force Sukhoi aircraft. The bomb has an array of functions and is designed for compatibility with NATO or Russian standard aircrafts.

The bomb has a unique green color with a length of 1.130 mm, weight of dengan  100 to 125 kg, diameter of 273 mm and a tail of  memiliki ekor  410 m. The Blasting power of P 100 LIVE is capable of collapsing structures in a radius equal to a soccer field.

Bomb P 100 Live ini consists of domestic content of 88.33 percent. Its casing is manufactured by PT Sari Bahari while the content is supplied by  PT DAHANA (Persero) in its Subang plant which was just officially opened.  (Sya)