In observation of the National Costumer Day 2020, DAHANA gave away some souvenirs to its customers. The giveaway was done in Jakarta and other project sites scattered across Indonesia on Thursday, September 4, 2020.

“The major thing we provide to our customers is our gratitude a for their trust to Dahana. We also gave away Si Bintang dolls and other kinds of souvenirs,” said Teja Sukmara, Senior Manager, DTU I Operation of DAHANA.

The National Customer Day 2020 at Dahana came in two activities. Firstly, each division with its GM and staff will pay a visit to some selected head offices of customer to convey gratitude and souvenirs.

During the National Customer Day activity, DAHANA will visit some companies among others Gajah Tunggal Grup, PT IMK, PT KBK, Madhani Talatah Nusantara, PT. Nindya Karya, PT Shlumberger Indonesia.

Apart from that, Site Project Area Managers and their staff will serve as the Company’s representatives to extend gratitude to DAHANA’s customers around the sites. Souvenirs such as Si Bintang doll are directly delivered from DAHANA’s office in Jakarta.

DAHANA wishes that 2020 National Customer Day may tighten the existing collaboration with DAHANA which depicts that the Customers are valuable to DAHANA.