SUBANG – One of PT DAHANA’s business sectors is blasting in quarry sector which consists of cement and rock mining. PT Tonasa is one among users of PT DAHANA’s explosives in this sector. The cement factory made a supervisory visit to DAHANA Central Management Office (Campus) on Friday, September 30, 2022.

The Semen Tonasa team was welcome by the Senior Manager of Marketing and Operations of DAHANA’s Quarry & Construction Division, Ryan Noverie Pasoreh. Mr Pasoreh expressed his gratitude for the visit and the cooperation between the two companies. He also explained the longstanding relationship between DAHANA and Semen Tonasa, and emphasized that DAHANA is ready to provide the best service.

 “Thank you for PT Semen Tonasa Team’s visit. As a Qibla company for Indonesian Explosives, DAHANA certainly wishes to always give the best to its consumers, and hopefully this visit can strengthen the existing cooperation, and bring benefits to both parties,” said Mr Pasoreh.

After two-year absence at Semen Tonasa, in 2017 DAHANA again recorded its best performance at Semen Tonasa and continues to this day. To provide the best service, DAHANA uses advanced technology which is claimed to provide good blasting results and is capable of reducing production costs.

The said technologies include the On-Site Plant (OSP) technology or an explosives factory built at the Semen Tonasa project site. The existence of an explosives factory at the project site certainly offers value for consumers. Under OSP, consumers don’t have to worry about delays in delivery or damage to explosives resulting from distribution over long journeys on rough terrain.

Owing to its production capacity of up to 200 tons per month or per shift, DAHANA’s OSP is ready to meet the blasting needs of Semen Tonasa. Apart from OSP, DAHANA also provides Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT) facilities which have been tested in various fields throughout Indonesia. DAHANA’s MMT has the advantage of producing explosives and performing direct filling of the shooting holes.

Another product that is also important is Dawagel explosive. This DAHANA’s latest explosive innovation has excellent detonation capability, which is specially designed to detonate complex rock structures. Technically, Dawagel has the density of below ANFO yet with higher VOD above ANFO.