Labour Day or commonly known as Mayday is a day to commemorate the victory of the struggle of the United States workers on May 1, 1886 in Chicago who demanded an eight-hour working day. This movement is also known as the Haymarket incident which claimed lives and injured several other people.

Later in 1889, at the International Labour Congress held in Paris, May 1 was designated as International Labour Day, and is also commemorated by many countries around the world including Indonesia which have designated it as a holiday in favour of the labour and workers’ rights.

In commemoration of Labour Day or Mayday, Chairman of the DAHANA Workers’ Union (Sejadah), Ivan Angga expressed his hope that during the Labour Day, Indonesian economy can get better, and DAHANA can grow and develop so that it can bring more welfare to employees.

“Happy Labour Day, a day to commemorate the historic struggle of labour and its success in demanding the workers’ economic and social welfare. Of course we hope that the Indonesian economy can recover soon, and DAHANA as a company can continue to progress, so that it can bring workers to be more prosperous,” said Mr Angga.

He added that Sejadah as a labour union is a partner for DAHANA, and has the interest in the growth and development of the Company. Ivan believes that the more advanced DAHANA is, the more welfare the workers will get.

Apart from that, as a gathering place for workers, Sejadah is also here to provide protection, defend the rights and interests of workers, and support the efforts to improve proper welfare for workers and their families at DAHANA. Some of Sejadah’s programs include overseeing the Joint Labour Agreement, and contributing to the company as a form of corporate partner.

“Once again, happy International Labour Day, I hope that prosperity will always be on the side of the workers,” concluded Mr Angga.