The Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia handed over the INDI 4.0 Certificate to PT DAHANA in the PIDI 4.0 Grand Launching and 2023 Industry 4.0 Transformation Program Kick Off. The certificate was delivered by caretaker of Director General of the Pharmaceutical and Textile Chemical Industry, Ignatios Warsito to DAHANA’s Production Senior Manager, Erwin Cipta and witnessed directly by the Indonesian Minister of Industry, Dr. Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, M.Si at the PIDI 4.0 Building, Jakarta, Tuesday, on March 14 2023

Mr Cipta explained that DAHANA is committed to supporting government programs to realize the Making Indonesia 4.0 by implementing a system digitalization process at DAHANA. Currently, DAHANA has implemented digital process in several aspects of the company.

“…such as automation of production processes, utilization of EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse), DMS (Dashboard Management System) and other applications that facilitate the transfer of information and provision of data for more effectiveness. In the future, we hope that the system digitization process can be implemented in all areas at DAHANA,” said Mr Cipta.

Mr Cipta added that previously the Ministry of Industry had sent assessors to conduct an assessment of the implementation of INDI 4.0 which has 5 pillars and 17 fields. The results of the assessment suggests that DAHANA managed to reach level 2 together with other DEFEND ID holding member companies.

DAHANA has implemented EDW which is a centralized data bank that supports DAHANA’s top management in making objective decisions since October 2021. EDW is capable of organizing, classifying, and describing data that allow DAHANA’s policy makers to monitor company performance within the corporate and departmental levels.

Apart from that, with accurate and updated data, the process of data collection and analysis can be made in a swifter way. It is claimed to be able to support business intelligence, save costs, and increase revenue. Owing to this, companies are run with valid data with the capability of making more accurate predictions.

In addition, as a company which is exposed to extreme risk, DAHANA has also developed an HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) application to support OHSE reporting automation on site and at the DAHANA office, the SAP application for use by the Corporate Finance Department, and SIP application to facilitate stock updates in Dahana’s warehouses.