PT DAHANA’s Human Resources & Organizational Development Division (PSDMO) once  again organized the Sitting Together Sharing Knowledge (DBBI) program with the agenda of socialization of  PT DAHANA’s IT E-Ticketing HSE Application. The session was held through a zoom meeting, Tuesday, January 25, 2022 with Novian Tiandini, from of the Information Systems Team as speaker.


In line with the direction of the Ministry of SOEs number Per-03/MBU/02/2018 on Guidelines for the Preparation of SOE Information Technology Management and Minister of Industry Regulation No. 21 of 202 on measuring the level of industry readiness in transforming towards industry 4.0, DAHANA supports the process of IT utility by building E-Ticketing and HSE applications. Apart form that, the IT allows more convenient facilitation ofnthe recording, monitoring and evaluation process of related fields.


In her presentation, Mrs Tiandini explained that the E-Ticketing application is an application that is used to facilitate DAHANA employees for making digital tickets related to reporting requests for IT services and incidents.


“One of the purposes of such application is to build a measuring tool for IT service desk performance and to increase the value of the IT Maturity Level,” said Mrs Tiandini


Mrs Tiandini also explained that owing to the E-Ticketing, the reporting of occurrence of repeated incidents can be classified as a problem from which the root of case must be found for the right resolution, and, when necessary, for escalation to the responsible party for immediate resolution. For example, in the event of repeated reports of internet disconnections, the IT team can find the root cause of the problem, for example by replacing the device which is the source of the problem or by reporting the issue to the provider in case the root of the problem originates from the provider.


Another advantage of this application is its comprehensive coverage on every IT-related service and incident, and its capability of monitoring the calculation of response time and recovery time for IT incidents starting from reporting time up to the completion process.


After the presentation, the IT team demonstrated the application and instructions for using E-Ticketing.


Meanwhile, in order to reduce reporting inconsistencies, increase reporting participation, and mobilize collective action in the field of Health, Occupational Safety, and Environment (HSE), the IT team also launched the HSE application. This application will transform less effective manual reporting into digital reports.


“HSE is a methodology for studying and applying practical aspects for protection of the environment and maintenance of health and safety for every worker or guest, and various related parties in the company’s work environment,” explained Mrs Tiandini.


Mrs Tiandini also conveyed that the HSE application is used to automate recording, reporting, and generating report insights from the HSE. The report conversion is planned to be running in (manual and application) in the next three months, for  adaptation process and improvement of the HSE application.