PT DAHANA (Persero) ‘s Energetic Material Area welcomed another visit of participants of the Oil and Gas Technical Assistance Course organized by the Prima Daya Migas Cooperative (KPDM). They were representatives of various companies in the oil and gas sector. The visit was held on Thursday (02/20/2020)

PT DAHANA (Persero) is no stranger to them. This is because the state-owned company is a supplier of Seismic and Shaped Charges explosives in the oil and gas industry along with other services.

“This is a regular visit in order to improve the knowledge and skills of officers responsible for management of explosives in the oil and gas,” said Eka, the visiting coordinator of the Prima Daya Migas Cooperative (KPDM).

During this visit they got the opportunity to enter the area of an explosives-production factory and see first-hand production process and testing of explosives at PT DAHANA (Persero) ‘s quality test facility. Previously, they got material presentation delivered by Sudirjo Heru, Senior Manager of Production and Support.

During the visit, Sutami, one of the visiting participants said that being an Indonesian citizen he was proud of the SOE that is capable of producing explosives, especially explosives for oil and gas.

“I have now seen DAHANA. I am very proud that Indonesia has a company like DAHANA. I hope that in the future there will be no more imports of explosives. If possible DAHANA will continue to export in the future,” said Sutami.