As  Idul Fitri 1442 AH approached, PT DAHANA (Persero) issued an appeal in a circular dated May 4, 2021 regarding the prohibition of receiving or giving gratuities in any form related to the moment of Idul Fitri. The restriction was conveyed by the Head of the Anti-Bribery Compliance Function of PT DAHANA (Persero) Budi Irfani.


The circular specifies several points that must be obeyed by all management and employees of PT DAHANA (Persero) to avoid acts of gratuity and abuse of office authority on the celebration of Idul Fitri AH. These points include:


a. No requests or delivery of parcels, gifts, holiday allowances, or with other designations related to duties and obligations.

b. No  use of official facilities for personal gain or for purposes other than company interests.

c. In the event of receipt inevitable gratuities in the form of parcels containing perishable, such gratuities can be distributed as social assistance to orphanages, nursing homes, or other parties in need and immediately with report to DAHANA’s Bribery & Gratuities Control Unit (UPSG) report which will be forwarded to Commission for Corruption Eradication (KPK).

d. Anyone receives or is aware of the occurrence of violations as referred to in points 2a and 2b should report to UPSG or directly to the KPK, in maximum of 30 days from the date of receipt of gratuities.


“We have issued this circular as an appeal to be obeyed by all levels of management, employees, stakeholders, vendors, and colleagues to avoid acts of gratuity. We ought to avoid gratuities in order to materialize good, healthy and integrity corporate governance, “concluded Budi Irfani. (rmt)