The team of Directorate of Import of Directorate General of Foreign Trade of Ministry of Trade visited DAHANA. The working visit was meant to monitor the implementation of the commercial explosives import permit granted by the directorate. The team, that was represented by the Associate Expert Trade Analyst, Tjatur Bagus; the Junior Expert Trade Analyst, M Ashari Firdaus, and the Head of the Administrative Subdivision Afif Rahmat Meika, was welcomed by the DAHANA Energetic Material Center team, on Thursday, 23 June 2022 at DAHANA’s Central Management Office, Subang, West Java.

Mr Bagus explained that the visit of the Directorate of Imports and the Directorate General of Foreign Trade to DAHANA is a routine activity for monitoring and evaluating the import policy of commercial explosives carried out by DAHANA. This activity is also done for all other importers of commercial explosives.

“All companies which import chemicals and other hazardous materials, especially explosives, will always be monitored and evaluated. We also appreciate the establishment of DAHANA’s Elemented Detonator Factory which is able to significantly reduce imports,” said Mr Bagus.

Up to now, PT DAHANA continues to strive to achieve national explosive independence. More-and more upstream industrial factories are being built, such as the Elemented Detonator factory and the Ammonium Nitrate (AN) factory. The recently inaugurated DAHANA Elemented Detonator Factory is recorded to be able to bring the Domestic Content Level up to 50%.

Apart from that, in view of manufacture of propellants, DAHANA initiated a collaboration with PINDAD to build a Spherical Powder Factory which will be used as a production facility for propellants, raw materials for making bullets, rockets, missiles, small, medium and large caliber munitions. In November last year, the two DEFEND ID members successfully tested a spherical powder propellant.

As part of the Defense Industry SOEs holding (DEFEND ID), DAHANA is committed to realizing the independence of the Main Weapon System Equipment (Alutsista), especially in the field of energetic materials. Independence of explosives manufacturing is also considered to be able to reduce dependence on imports and increase capacity in the event Indonesia gets an embargo one day.

After receiving an explanation from the PR team and DAHANA’s EMC, representatives of the Directorate of Imports, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Trade visited Ring 1 of DAHANA, which is home to explosives factories, warehouses, and various other important facilities related to high-energy materials.